Be Love Energy Remedy

Be Love Energy Remedy


Heart opening, heart healing.

Like attracts like, for more love in your life.

A beautiful remedy for the heart, for all your heart needs.

1oz dropper, amber glass bottle


Ingredients: spring water, grain alcohol, vibrational remedies attuned to sacred geometry and specific healing mantras/sound vibration.

Vibrational Remedies: Flower Essences of Beech, Cerato, Chicory, Holly, Willow and Gem Essence of Pink Mangano Calcite.



Set your intention and tap the bottom of the bottle into the palm of your hand 8x to activate the remedy each time you take it. Take 2-4x daily,  2-4 drops direct or in water, do not contaminate by touching dropper to your tongue/mouth. One bottle should last a month.

If you are working through emotional upset, increase the frequency of use and not the dosage itself.

Vibrational remedies work on your emotional body, for subtle yet deep shifts over time.

Do not store near electronics. And they may be stored in the refrigerator during summer months for longer shelf-life. Small amount of alcohol is used as a preservative, if that is problematic, heat some boiling water, pour into a cup, add the drops and wait a few minutes as the alcohol burns off and dissipates and sip when cool. This is how you can administer for animals as well.







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