Elevate Aura Spray

Elevate Aura Spray


Brighten and refresh your aura.

Clears out heavy, negative energy.

Elevate and levitate to new heights of joy and consciousness.


1oz spray, amber glass bottle (1.25x3.54in.)

Ingredients: spring water, grain alcohol, essential oils and vibrational remedies  attuned to sacred geometry and specific healing mantras/sound vibration.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Palo Santo & Bergamot.

Vibrational Remedies:  Flower Essences of Crab Apple, Walnut and Gem Essence of Celestite.

HOW TO USE: Shake very well. Set your intention to cleanse your aura and use 1-2 spritzes over the top of your head. Set your intention to cleanse your space and spray liberally, especially corners, where energetic crap can accumulate. Carry with you and use everywhere. Seriously, raise the vibration.


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