Dreaming of Destiny

You know how dreams always have a slightly off reality quality?

In this dream, I was attending a kundalini yoga party that happened to take place in a nightclub, of course.

It was very crowded and filled with yogis dressed in their kundalini whites. One of my teachers, Siri Sat, told me to go put my stuff by her since there was room. It was jam-packed and someone led us all through a standing forward bend asana. After, we were all buzzing about awaiting the main performance. No one knew what to expect.

Our attention was finally directed to an enormous screen with an extremely broad muscular man in a small black swimsuit with long black hair, swimming powerfully back and forth in a large container. Siri Sat shouts aloud to a few of us as she pointed towards the screen, "I know him! That's Destiny!". I quickly wondered how it is that she would know this guy who seemed to be a stripper but then quickly focused back on the screen.

We all stared, eyes glued to the screen, captivated by this man's figure swimming rapidly to and fro, building speed. The collective energy of anticipation was palpable. Then as if in slow motion, he swam up close to the screen - his face magnified and he rose glistening above the water and opened his mouth and let out a sound, one sound that shattered glass everywhere as well as the screen.

One sound from his lips shattered everything.

Then I woke up.
Immediately, I understood the power of Destiny.

A key idea to unpack from the dream is the concept of sound. In the Kundalini Yoga lineage, we work with the Naad, the sacred sound current, the essence of all sound - which is why gong baths and chanting mantra is such a big part of class. Utilizing sound to shift our vibration and change our frequency is awesome and it works.

Then there's the concept of destiny. Many of us feel that we are destined for certain fates. Not true.

A teacher once said that - Fate is simply the family and the circumstances that you are born into, how you come into this world, but destiny comes from the choices you make.

Your destiny is always up to you.

rose quartz

rose quartz

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