Mini Fluorite Points

Mini Fluorite Points


Curated + Activated: Luminous Grace Crystals


Fluorite: excellent for mental and spiritual activity, great for focus and concentration and also super calming. This stone embodies balance.

This tiny little points are beyond sweet. Only one of each. Please order from left to right.


Weight/Size: TBD


Energetically curated, cleansed and activated with reiki, mantra, gong vibration and energy work in the dedicated vibrational healing space of Luminous Grace.

Shift your energy and shift the energy of your space with these activated crystal beings.

Feel the difference of a Luminous Grace crystal.


Get To Know Your Crystal Friend:  Sit in a quiet place with the crystal being in hand or lap. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Allow your body to relax and begin to tune in to the energy of the crystal. With each breath in and each breath out, breathing with the crystal, listening with your whole entire being for a few minutes or longer, whatever you have time for. To end, thank your crystal friend in any way that feels right.

Mini Fluorite Point:
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